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Or say "Alexa, enable CasaTunes"

Control your CasaTunes or musicBox 6 multi-room audio system using your voice

Use one or more Alexa enabled devices, such as the Amazon Echo, Tap, Dot and Show devices located throughout your home, and use your voice to control your CasaTunes or musicBox 6 multi-room audio system. <br/><br/>To shorten voice commands, you can associate a room with an Echo device, using the following Alexa command:<br/><br/> &ldquo;Alexa, ask kasa tunes to select Living Room&rdquo;<br/><br/>Once you have associated a room with an Alexa device you no longer need to include the room name in each command.<br/><br/>You can use Alexa to power rooms on and off, set, increase or decrease the volume, switch sources, and configure where to play your music by using commands, such as, move and share music and join room.<br/><br/>The CasaTunes skill includes support for all transport commands, including play, pause, stop, next track, previous track, shuffle, and repeat.<br/><br/>You can ask Alexa what is playing in a room, and you can easily schedule an alarm and sleep to music.<br/><br/>Easily select music. You can ask CasaTunes to play a song, album, artist, playlist or station.<br/><br/>So, what are you waiting for? Ask Alexa to tell CasaTunes to get rocking!

Invocation Name

kasa tunes

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask kasa tunes to power on Living Room
Alexa, ask kasa tunes to play album Duets by Tony Bennett
Alexa, ask kasa tunes to set alarm for 8 a.m.

Release Date

June 1st 2017