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Or say "Alexa, enable Cartoon Player"

A library of classic, family-friendly cartoons from the public domain.

Designed especially for Echo Show, Cartoon Player gathers a collection of 17 family-friendly, classic cartoons from the public domain collection at, a US Library of Congress cited source for Public Domain footage, and makes them available to play on your Echo Show's screen. <br/><br/>You can play a random cartoon instantly with the 'ask Cartoon Player to play a cartoon' command. View a list of cartoons to select the one you'd like to play by asking Alexa to 'start Cartoon Player'. <br/><br/>Kids who have favorites can also ask for them by subject with commands like, 'ask Cartoon Player to play the Cinderella cartoon' or 'ask Cartoon Player to play the camping cartoon'. <br/><br/>With Alexa, you can enjoy these old time classics in a whole new way!

Invocation Name

cartoon player

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Cartoon Player.
Ask Cartoon Player to play the Cinderella cartoon.
Start Cartoon Player.

Release Date

November 14th 2017