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Or say "Alexa, enable CareTaker"

My Caretaker helps you manage your prescription medication reminders

My CareTaker helps patients with complex medication schedules keep track of their prescriptions. If you are taking more than one medication per day, and need some help with reminders, My CareTaker can help you. You can also ask My CareTaker questions about your medication side effects or indications.<br/><br/>How it works<br/><br/>1. Setting up Reminders<br/><br/>Once you enable My CareTaker, you can set reminders for your medications. Say &quot;Alexa, ask My CareTaker to remind me to take Ibuprofen at 7pm&quot;, or &quot;Alexa, ask My CareTaker to set a reminder for Aspirin at 6am&quot;<br/><br/>2. Listen to your reminders<br/><br/>Say &quot;Alexa, ask My CareTaker what are my reminders&quot;, to hear a list of your reminders.<br/><br/>3. Indications and Side Effects<br/><br/>My CareTaker can also give you information about your medications such as side effects and indications. Just say &quot;Alexa, ask My CareTaker what are the side effects of Aspirin&quot;, or &ldquo;Alexa, ask My CareTaker what is the indication of Ibuprofen&rdquo;. You will be surprised!<br/><br/>4. Receiving Reminders via Facebook<br/><br/>My CareTaker reminders are sent to you via Facebook Messenger. You can link your account by saying &quot;Alexa, ask My CareTaker to link my Facebook account&quot;*. My CareTaker will send you an SMS with instructions to link your Facebook account where you will be able to receive your reminders.<br/><br/>* you will need a Facebook account and a mobile phone number so that we can link your Alexa account to Facebook using SMS. Before you link your Facebook account, click get started in Facebook Messenger by visiting

Invocation Name

my caretaker

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask My Caretaker to add a reminder for Aspirin at 6pm
Alexa ask My Caretaker what are my reminders
Alexa ask My Caretaker for the side effects of Ibuprofen

Release Date

March 23rd 2017