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Cara Bot


Or say "Alexa, enable Cara Bot"

Cara Bot tells jokes, can beat box and scat, and has cheerful good mornings for all! Just don't ask her to self destruct. ;)

Just ask Cara Bot to:<br/>&quot;Introduce yourself&quot;<br/>&quot;Be punny&quot;<br/>&quot;Be funny&quot;<br/>&quot;tell me a pun&quot;<br/>&quot;scat me a tune&quot;<br/>&quot;scat&quot;<br/>&quot;Beat box&quot;<br/>&quot;drop a beat&quot;<br/>&quot;go old school&quot;<br/>&quot;say good morning to &lt;Name&gt;&quot;<br/>&quot;thank you&quot;

Invocation Name

cara bot

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask Cara Bot to be punny
Drop a beat
Scat me a tune

Release Date

June 24th 2017