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Car Wash

Joseph Yi

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Or say "Alexa, enable Car Wash"

Should you wash your car today?

This simple skill helps you decide whether or not you should wash your car today based on if there is rain in the forecast for the week. Note that you must grant this skill permission to access your Alexa device zip code. The zip code is used to get weather information, which is used to help you decide if you should get a car wash today. You can also launch the skill with a city and state if you want to override your device location, or if you don't want to give permission.<br/><br/>Weather data provided by<br/>Icon created by Aleksandr Vector from Noun Project

Invocation Name

car wash

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Car Wash
Alexa, ask Car Wash if I should wash my car
Alexa, ask Car Wash in Orlando Florida

Release Date

October 10th 2017