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Capital cities

Atul Khetarpal

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Or say "Alexa, enable Capital cities"

Capital cities can be used if you want to know the name of a capital; or you can use it in quiz mode to test your knowledge of capitals of countries

Capital cities helps you build your knowledge of capitals of countries. You can ask Alexa for the name of a capital of a country that you are stuck on; or you can go into challenge mode and check your knowledge of capital cities. In the quiz mode, the app will ask you for the capital cities of 5 countries, with 4 options for each. You will build up your knowledge of capitals of the world in no time.

Invocation Name

capital cities

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open Capital Cities
Alexa Ask Capital Cities What is the Capital of Egypt
Alexa Ask Capital Cities the Capital of Australia

Release Date

January 5th 2017