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Or say "Alexa, enable Capital Quiz"

Test your knowledge and learn all the capitals of the world. The quiz can be restricted to regions and includes national quizzes.

Test your knowledge and learn all the capitals of the world.<br/><br/>You can start the Europe Quiz by saying &quot;Alexa open Capital Quiz and start the Europe Quiz&quot;. Currently this quiz supports the following quiz types: Worldwide, Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Germany (federal states) and USA (federal states). You can also get the game modes by opening it first &quot;Alexa open Capital Quiz&quot; and then &quot;give me the game modes&quot;. You get a general introduction by saying &quot;help me&quot;.<br/><br/>Once a quiz is started, you have the following request options:<br/>If you think that the current capital is Berlin, then you say &quot;the answer is Berlin&quot; or simply &quot;Berlin&quot;. You can also answer &quot;no idea&quot; to jump to the next question. Alternatively you can also get a hint by saying &quot;tell me the initial letter&quot; or<br/>&quot;give me some answers&quot;. If you want to hear the question again, just say &quot;repeat the question&quot;. If Alexa misunderstood you, you can correct a wrongly declared answer by the sentence &quot;correct the last answer&quot;. You get the current score by asking &quot;how is the score?&quot;. If you want to change to another quiz, you can say &quot;start the ... Quiz&quot;. For a detailed help during the game it is also worth to say &quot;help me&quot;. With &quot;Stop&quot; you can end the Capital Quiz.<br/><br/><br/>Overview of requests to start a game:<br/>-Alexa start Capital Quiz<br/>-Alexa open Capital Quiz and start the USA Quiz (replace USA with desired game type)<br/><br/>Overview of the commands in the game:<br/>-The answer is [capital]. (To answer the question)<br/>- [Capital] (answer the question)<br/>-Help (list of request options)<br/>-Tell me the current score<br/>-Repeat the question.<br/>-No idea! (Jumps to the next question)<br/>-Correct the last answer. (To correct a misunderstood answer)<br/>-Give me some answers.<br/>-Tell me the initial letter.<br/>-Start the [Quizname] Quiz.<br/>-Stop

Invocation Name

capital quiz

Interaction Examples

Alexa start Capital Quiz
Alexa start Capital Quiz and open the Europe Quiz
open the Worldwide Quiz

Release Date

May 18th 2017