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Capital Quiz

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Capital Quiz helps you practice and then quizzes you on the names of the capital cities of all 50 US states.

Capital Quiz is your very own drill instructor to help you learn the 50 US state capitals. Start in practice mode wherein you'll get 3 guesses at the name of the capital. More states are added gradually as you learn the capitals. Ask for a hint and Capital Quiz will give you the initial letter of the city name. If you don't know a capital, say "pass" and you'll be reminded of the name. At any time, switch to quiz mode which queries you one at a time for all fifty capitals. Now you can take your time learning a few capitals a day, because the latest version of Capital Quiz remembers the capitals you know between sessions!

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capital quiz

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Alexa, tell Capital Quiz to start practicing
Quiz me now
Teach me the capitals

Release Date

December 30th 2015