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Capital Challenge

Brian Buff

Or say "Alexa, enable Capital Challenge"

Fun skill to learn about the 50 US states and their capitals.

Are you up for the Capital Challenge? Test your knowledge of the 50 US states and their capitals while learning fun facts at the same time. Alexa can quiz you by providing the name of the capital city and you have to name the state or she can give you the name of the state and you tell her the name of its capital. Feeling really confident? Change it up by alternating between the two. <br/><br/>Make sure to check out the Alexa companion app for cards containing interesting facts for each state as you progress. Let the games begin!<br/><br/>Icon Designed by iconicbestiary / Freepik

Invocation Name

capital challenge

Interaction Examples

Alexa, play Capital Challenge
Alexa, launch Capital Challenge
Alexa, start Capital Challenge

Release Date

November 25th 2017