Capital Bikeshare - Alexa Skill

Capital Bikeshare

Andrew Mulrean


Or say "Alexa, enable Capital Bikeshare"

Quickly find Capital Bikeshare station status with this handy skill.

Never leave home with out knowing exactly which Capitol Bikeshare station to head to. This skill allows you to keep up to date with the current status of all Capitol Bikeshare stations across the Washington Dc Metro region. Search leverages google search service to find the closet station, allowing uses the ability to search using a full address or just a near by business or metro station.

Invocation Name

bike share

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask bike share search Clarendon Metro
Alexa open bike share and find stations near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Alexa ask bike share whats available at Meridian Hill Park

Release Date

April 5th 2017