Canton Movies and Events - Alexa Skill

Canton Movies and Events

James Bordine

Or say "Alexa, enable Canton Movies and Events"

Canton Ohio Events and Movie Showings

This skill is meant for those living in or around Canton Ohio. The skill provides local event information as well as showtimes for some of the theaters around town.<br/><br/>Simply start the skill by saying &quot;Alexa, Canton Info.&quot; You will be given a short introduction to the options available to you which are &quot;Events&quot;, &quot;Movies 10&quot;, &quot;Carnation Cinema&quot;, or &quot;Tinsletown.&quot;<br/><br/>To skip the introduction message just say &quot;Alexa&quot; followed by the option you'd like.

Invocation Name

canton info

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Canton Info
Alexa, Get Events From Canton Info
Alexa, Tinsletown Showtimes From Canton Info

Release Date

July 22nd 2017