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Candidate Angela Lynn


Or say "Alexa, enable Candidate Angela Lynn"

Hear the latest news from Angela Lynn

Stay up to date on the latest news from Angela Lynn. With this skill you can...<br/><br/>* Hear the latest Angela Lynn Facebook posts<br/>* Have any post texted to your phone. If you hear a post you are interested in, just say &quot;text that to me&quot; and a link to the post will be texted to your phone. If this is the first time you've used this feature, the skill will ask you to speak your cell phone number so it knows where to send the text.<br/><br/>A great way to keep informed using just your voice.

Invocation Name

candidate angela lynn

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Candidate Angela Lynn for the latest news
Text that to me

Release Date

October 15th 2017