Canadian Border Update - Alexa Skill

Canadian Border Update


Or say "Alexa, enable Canadian Border Update"

Lists the current wait times at the four Western Washington border crossings into Canada (Peace Arch, Pacific Highway, Lynden, and Sumas).

This skill was designed for people driving towards the Canadian border in Washington State. It calls the Washington State Department of Transportation's API, gets the current wait times at the border and returns them in order of shortest wait time to longest wait time. Only the four Western Washington crossings are returned (Peace Arch, Pacific Highway, Lynden, and Sumas).<br/><br/>It does not return the wait times from Canada into Washington State. It only returns the general wait times, excluding Nexus, Trucks, and FAST wait times.

Invocation Name

canadian border

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Canadian Border
Alexa, ask Canadian Border for help

Release Date

November 13th 2017