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Can I Eat This?

Nick Miller

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Or say "Alexa, enable Can I Eat This?"

Are you a vegetarian? Can't have dairy products? Use "Can I Eat This?" to check if something is compatible with your dietary restrictions.

Are you a vegetarian? Can you only eat gluten-free foods? How many times have you wanted to try a hot, new recipe only to find out once you've begun that you can't actually have it? "Can I Eat This?" can track several of the common types of dietary restrictions. Let "Can I Eat This?" know all of your dietary needs, so you can check if something you want to eat is compatible with you.

Invocation Name

can i eat this

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Can I Eat This?
What are my restrictions?
What can I do?

Release Date

July 28th 2017