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Get the surf and tide reports for popular surfing spots in California.

California surf reports tells you what the current surf conditions are at the most popular surfing spots in California. To get started say something like &quot;Alexa, tell me the surf report for Mavericks.&quot; Then Alexa will respond with the current wave height and overall conditions.<br/><br/>Available Spots<br/><br/>San Francisco:<br/> Fort Point<br/> Eagles Point<br/> Deadmans<br/> Kellys Cove<br/> North Ocean Beach<br/> South Ocean Beach<br/><br/>San Mateo:<br/> Montara <br/> Mavericks<br/> Princeton Jetty<br/> Pomponio State Beach<br/> Ano Nuevo<br/><br/>Santa Cruz:<br/> County Line <br/> Waddell Creek<br/> Waddell Reefs <br/> Davenport Landing<br/> Natural Bridges <br/> Swift Street <br/> Steamer Lane<br/> Cowells<br/> The Rivermouth <br/> Blacks<br/> Little Windansea <br/> Rockview <br/> Sewer Peak <br/> Pleasure Point<br/> The Hook<br/> Sharks Cove <br/> Capitola Jetties <br/> Manresa<br/><br/>Monterey:<br/> Moss Landing State Beach <br/> Carmel Beach<br/> Sand Dollar <br/><br/>San Luis Obispo:<br/> Morro Rock<br/> Pismo Beach Pier <br/><br/>Santa Barbara:<br/> Jalama <br/> Refugio<br/> Sands<br/> Campus Point <br/> Leadbetter <br/> Rincon<br/><br/>Ventura:<br/> Mondos<br/><br/>Los Angeles:<br/> Malibu<br/> County Line<br/> Zuma Beach<br/> Topanga<br/> El Porto<br/> Hermosa<br/><br/>Orange County:<br/> Huntington Pier<br/> Huntington Beach<br/> Seal Beach Pier<br/> Surfside Jetty <br/> Bolsa Chica <br/> Goldenwest <br/> 17th Street<br/> 56th Street <br/> 40th Street<br/> 36th Street <br/> Blackies<br/> The Wedge <br/> Salt Creek<br/> Calafia <br/> State Park<br/> North Gate<br/> Cottons Point <br/> Upper Trestles <br/> Lower Trestles <br/> Church <br/> San Onofre<br/><br/>San Diego:<br/> Tamarack <br/> Warm Water Jetty <br/> Terra mar <br/> Campground <br/> Ponto<br/> Grandview<br/> Beacons<br/> Blacks Beach <br/> Scripps Pier<br/> Windansea<br/> Bird Rock <br/> Tourmaline <br/> Pacific Beach <br/> Mission Beach<br/> Ocean Beach Pier<br/> Sunset Cliffs <br/> Imperial Beach<br/><br/>We are planning to roll this out to all the best surf spots in the United States. If you want your spot added visit to tell us the spots you want added.<br/><br/>Powered by

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me the surf report

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Alexa, tell me the surf report at Surfside Jetty
Tell me the surf report at Mavericks
Tell me the surf report for Beacons

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December 20th 2017