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Calendar for Hillbrook School

Kimberly Nicholls

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Or say "Alexa, enable Calendar for Hillbrook School"

Hear what's happening on the published Hillbrook School calendar: A-F days, free dress, early dismissal, and other events.

Hear what's happening at Hillbrook School today, tomorrow or later in the week. No need to find your phone, navigate to the portal, or search your calendar -- just ask Alexa. Alexa can also tell you about grade-specific events, such as library. "Alexa, ask Hillbrook bear about second grade" Once you request a grade, it'll be saved until you remove it. "Alexa, tell Hillbrook bear to drop second grade"

Invocation Name

hillbrook bear

Interaction Examples

Alexa, run Hillbrook bear
Alexa, ask Hillbrook bear about Friday
Alexa, ask Hillbrook bear about second grade

Release Date

May 23rd 2016