Calculus - Trigonometric Integrals/Derivatives - Alexa Skill

Calculus - Trigonometric Integrals/Derivatives

Sarah Young

Or say "Alexa, enable Calculus - Trigonometric Integrals/Derivatives"

Quiz yourself on the basic trigonometric derivatives and integrals to prepare for that upcoming test!

This skill gives information about basic trig functions, such as sin, cos, tan, and even more! Alexa can quiz you and keep track of your score, or you can ask Alexa for information about a trig function. To get started, you can tell Alexa a trig function, i.e. sin x. Make sure to always include the "x" after your trig function.

Invocation Name

trig quiz

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch trig quiz
tell me about sine x
start a quiz game

Release Date

June 15th 2017