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Or say "Alexa, enable Calculator"

Best Calculator for Alexa. Supports complex decimal calculations too. Keeps context of current answer. Also has a history tape!

Calculator app for alexa. <br/>Currently supports addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Can also handle complex decimal calculations. <br/>It also keeps your current answer in context so that you can operate on it. <br/>If you need to check your calculations, it'll also read out the calculation history for you. Just say, &quot;tell me the calculation history&quot;.<br/>Features coming soon:<br/>- Nth power and Nth root<br/>- Logarithmic operations <br/>- Trigonometric operations<br/>- Saving answers to memory<br/>- Power or e, power of 10, power of 2<br/>- Degree and radian conversions<br/>and many more!

Invocation Name

my calculator

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open my calculator
what's five point nine seven multiplied by thirty two point two
Divide the answer by twenty point three

Release Date

June 2nd 2017