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CNA Trivia

Gonzo Studios

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Or say "Alexa, enable CNA Trivia"

Are you studying for your CNA or just want to brush up on your knowledge? This skill helps you learn the material and have fun.

CNA Trivia provides a voice interactive study tool to help you Ace your certification test and become a Certified Nursing Assistant.<br/>Simply ask Alexa to &quot;open CNA Trivia&quot;. She will read you real exam questions and provide a list of possible answers. After each answer is provided, Alexa will let you know your results and keep a running score. With the variety of questions within this skill, you can test your knowledge round after round.

Invocation Name

c. n. a. trivia

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open CNA Trivia
Repeat the last question
My answer is three

Release Date

May 28th 2017