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CrossFit Acronyms by WIKIWOD

Acronyms and abbreviations are widely used in CrossFit training. The number of currently used acronyms is close to one hundred. It can be difficult to remember all of them, either for fresh new or experienced athletes. With CF Acronyms skill by WIKIWOD, you don't have to memorize them anymore. Simply ask Alexa "What is WOD?", or "What does AMRAP stand for?" Alexa will tell you what this acronym stands for. More CrossFit Acronyms and Abbreviations on

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wiki wod acronyms

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask WIKIWOD Acronyms what is "W-O-D"?
Alexa, ask WIKIWOD Acronyms what does set mean?
Alexa, ask WIKIWOD Acronyms what does "K-B" stand for?

Release Date

September 15th 2016