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Hear about the latest trends in wealth management and fintech from CAIS, the leading open-architecture financial product platform for independent advisors.

CAIS regularly publishes content to inform independent advisors, broker-dealers and family offices regarding topics that span alternative investments, capital markets and fintech. <br/><br/>After enabling this Alexa skill, say things like &ldquo;Alexa, what&rsquo;s new&rdquo; or &ldquo;Alexa, what&rsquo;s my flash briefing&rdquo; to hear CAIS content in your flash briefing. <br/><br/>CAIS is the leading open-architecture financial product platform offering independent wealth management firms access to a diversified menu of alternative investment funds and capital markets offerings. <br/><br/>The platform provides streamlined workflow for an expanding list of offerings including hedge funds, private equity and debt, real estate, structured solutions, syndicate, trade execution and precious metals. <br/><br/>These offerings are complemented by a robust set of management and reporting tools, and fund offerings are further distinguished by independent due diligence provided by Mercer Investment Consulting LLC.

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February 25th 2017