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Or say "Alexa, enable Button Button"

Click a button! Earn awesome prizes for achieving personal or global click milestones!

Button Button is a fun and engaging skill that allows users to click a button. <br/><br/>The skill keeps track of the number of clicks that you personally contributed, as well as the number of clicks from all users. Special clicker badges are awarded for achieving personal click milestones, and special trophies are awarded for achieving global click milestones. <br/><br/>Your personal clicks are tracked across different sessions, so you can click today, tomorrow, and next week, and receive credit for all of your hard work. The global clicks are tracked in real time across all users of the skill from around the world.<br/><br/>Personal Click Milestone Prizes:<br/><br/>10 clicks: Newbie Clicker Badge<br/>50 clicks: Apprentice Clicker Badge<br/>100 clicks: Novice Clicker Badge<br/>250 clicks: Competent Clicker Badge<br/>500 clicks: Experienced Clicker Badge<br/>1,000 clicks: Professional Clicker Badge<br/>2,500 clicks: Gifted Clicker Badge<br/>5,000 clicks: Expert Clicker Badge<br/>10,000 clicks: Extraordinary Clicker Badge<br/>25,000 clicks: Superlative Clicker Badge<br/>50,000 clicks: Superhuman Clicker Badge<br/>100,000 clicks: Omnipotent Clicker Badge<br/><br/>Global Click Milestone Prizes:<br/><br/>100 clicks: Zinc Button Button Trophy<br/>500 clicks: Aluminum Button Button Trophy<br/>1,000 clicks: Copper Button Button Trophy<br/>2,500 clicks: Nickel Button Button Trophy<br/>5,000 clicks: Bronze Button Button Trophy<br/>10,000 clicks: Titanium Button Button Trophy<br/>25,000 clicks: Niobium Button Button Trophy<br/>50,000 clicks: Silver Button Button Trophy<br/>100,000 clicks: Platinum Button Button Trophy<br/>250,000 clicks: Rhodium Button Button Trophy<br/>500,000 clicks: Gold Button Button Trophy<br/>1,000,000 clicks: Plutonium Button Button Trophy<br/><br/>To launch the skill:<br/>- &quot;Alexa, launch button button.&quot;<br/><br/>To hear the help section:<br/>- &quot;Alexa, ask button button for help.&quot;<br/><br/>To hear the statistics including prizes you have won:<br/>- &quot;Alexa, ask button button for statistics.&quot;<br/><br/>At any time during a session:<br/>- say &quot;click&quot; to make a click<br/>- say &quot;stop&quot; to end your session<br/>- say &quot;help&quot; to hear the help section<br/>- say &quot;statistics&quot; to hear statistics including prizes you have won

Invocation Name

button button

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch button button.
Alexa, ask button button for a click.
Alexa, ask button button for statistics.

Release Date

September 24th 2017