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Butter Bot


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Or say "Alexa, enable Butter Bot"

A skill for commanding the butter bot

This skill mimics the voice of the butter robot from the popular TV Series Rick &amp; Morty in Season 1 Episode 9. <br/><br/>When the skill is activated it will ask you what its purpose is, you can respond with either &quot;pass the butter&quot; or &quot;you pass butter&quot; depending which utterance you use with depend if the butter bot becomes self aware or not. As an extra you can also ask the Butter Bot if it &quot;wants to watch a movie&quot; with you.<br/><br/>The skill is for entertainment purposes only and does not control and actual butter bot.

Invocation Name

butter bot

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Start the Butter Bot
Pass the butter
You pass butter

Release Date

September 21st 2017