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Give your hotel guests the ability to order amenities directly from the comfort of their room without ever picking up the phone and waiting for service.

We believe every guest deserves the best service. Whether for business or pleasure, your guests should feel as comfortable as in their own home. We enable your guests to conveniently request hotel services and amenities at any time with voice commands. For example, your guest might need fresh towels to be delivered to the room. They can say: Alexa, ask butler to bring me towels. This request will get processed and show up on the hotel dashboard where employees will be able to see and fulfill each request that comes in real time. We support over 200 amenities and any that we don't have we can easily add to that list. Here are a few more examples: Alexa, ask hotel butler to bring me a bottle of champagne Alexa, ask hotel butler to bring me a bottle of wine Alexa, tell hotel butler to get me pillows and blankets Alexa, ask hotel butler bring me some soap and shower gel please Or you could say Open hotel butler and our virtual butler will guide you to getting what your guests need. The Butler skill uses account linking. To use the skill you have to log into our system by your given credentials. To enable the skill for a device: Step 1. Click on the Buter skill Step 2. Click on Link Account button Step 3. You'll be directed to our login page, enter your username and password Step 4. Click Login Step 5. You'll be prompted to select the room you want to put the device on Step 6. Click Assign You are now ready to use the skill. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at info@getsmarthotel.com

Invocation Name

hotel butler

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask hotel butler to bring me towels
Alexa, open hotel butler
Alexa, tell hotel butler to send me pillows

Release Date

January 19th 2017