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Get realtime information about your household water use

The Buoy™ by Calliope connected device allows you to take control of your home’s water use. Water rates have risen 50% since 2010, and they keep rising. With Buoy you can see where all that money is going, take action to eliminate leaks, and use water only in the ways that matter most to you. This Alexa skill allows you to ask how long the water has been running, or how you've used water for a given day, week, or month. Learn more at calliopewater.com

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Buoy how much water I used today
Alexa, ask Buoy how long the shower has been running
Alexa, ask Buoy how much water I used for laundry last month

Release Date

November 30th 2016