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Nathan Huber

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Bugle Notes - The Handbook of the United States Corps of Cadets (West Point Plebe Bible)

Bugle Notes, also known as the "plebe bible," is the manual of plebe knowledge. Plebe knowledge is a lengthy collection of traditions, songs, poems, anecdotes, and facts about the United State Military Academy, the army, the Old Corps, and the rivalry with Navy that all plebes must memorize during cadet basic training. During plebe year, plebes may be asked, and are expected to answer, any inquiry about plebe knowledge asked by upper class cadets. New Cadet Alexa has arrived on the scene...let's test her plebe knowledge.

Invocation Name

bugle notes

Interaction Examples

Alexa Ask Bugle Notes How many lights in Cullum Hall
Alexa Ask Bugle Notes What is the definition of leather
Alexa Ask Bugle Notes What is the second verse of the Star Spangled Banner

Release Date

November 5th 2016