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Brunt Skill makes your Brunt Home Appliances to be more smart. Using Alexa, you can speak to control smart home devices.

Brunt Skill enables you to control Brunt Home Appliances with Amazon Echo. To use this skill, you have to download &quot;BRUNT&quot; application via Google Play or Apple App Store. Once you join Brunt network, you can register BRUNT products to BRUNT app. Once you setup your products, you can enable Brunt Skill and login. Now, you can control all registered products with Amazon Echo with phrases.<br/><br/>Brunt Smart Plug<br/>- Turn on (device name)

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Brunt.
Alexa, ask brunt to turn on the light
Alexa, tell brunt to turn off the light

Release Date

October 17th 2017