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Mees Kalf

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Or say "Alexa, enable BrowserHelp"

Control your Chrome browser via Alexa! After syncing with the Chrome extension open your favourite sites, search google, follow links, scroll, and much more.

Control your Chrome browser via Alexa! This skill works together with the Chrome extension Alexa BrowserHelp, which can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Syncing skill and extension works by Login With Amazon. After installing the Chrome extension, you will be prompted to login with the same Amazon account as you are using for your Echo device. Likewise, when first started, this BrowserHelp skill will prompt you to link with your account. After these steps are completed, simply try one of the sample utterances to get started. After starting the skill, you can try any of the following phrases:<br/><br/>- Search with Google<br/>- Highlight links<br/>- Open link {number}<br/>- Remove highlighting<br/>- Navigate {back/forward}<br/>- Scroll {up/down}<br/>- Show news<br/>- Open favourite {1/2/3}<br/>- Reload page<br/>- {Open/close} tab<br/>- Open {Youtube/Google/Facebook/Twitter/Hacker News}

Invocation Name

browser help

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask BrowserHelp to search with Google
Alexa, ask BrowserHelp to open tab
Alexa, ask BrowserHelp to scroll down

Release Date

June 11th 2017