Brown Noise for Sleep and Relaxation - Alexa Skill

Brown Noise for Sleep and Relaxation

Six Voices

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Or say "Alexa, enable Brown Noise for Sleep and Relaxation"

Fall asleep to the sounds of Brown Noise.

Brown Noise is an ambient relaxing sleep sound professionally mastered and editied to help you block out unwanted noises, encourage relaxation, reduce stress, or help you fall asleep!<br/><br/>The sound will play for 2 hours, or until you pause it.<br/><br/>Please leave a 5-star review if you love this Skill. Your 5-star reviews encourage us to keep making more great sleep sounds/ambient noise Skills!<br/><br/>For a full list of our relaxing ambient sleep sounds, search for &ldquo;Six Voices&rdquo; in the Alexa smartphone app.<br/><br/>This Skill, and all other Skills by Six Voices, are genuinely made by an Amazon-certified &ldquo;Alexa Champion&rdquo;, so you always know you&rsquo;re getting a high-quality experience!

Invocation Name

brown noise

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Brown Noise
Alexa, play Brown Noise
Alexa, start Brown Noise

Release Date

October 20th 2017