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Brightidea Breakroom


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Or say "Alexa, enable Brightidea Breakroom"

Post ideas to your Brightidea platform from anywhere at any time!

With this skill, employees can conveniently post ideas to your Brightidea platform without needing to be in front of a computer. Place your Alexa device in your company's breakroom and &quot;watercooler talk&quot; becomes &quot;innovation at work&quot; where ideas are sparked and can quickly be added to your innovation campaign.<br/><br/>You must have an existing Brightidea account to implement this skill.<br/><br/>Once the skill is linked with a Brightidea account, anyone can tell Alexa to post an idea using one of the example phrases above. After being prompted, Alexa will ask for an idea title and the name of the submitter. Alexa will then respond saying the idea has been posted. Now you can go online and check out the idea that was just posted through Alexa's voice service!

Invocation Name

bright idea

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Brightidea to post an idea.
Save an idea.
Record an idea.

Release Date

May 4th 2017