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Or say "Alexa, enable BrightLife"

BrightLife, an optimized smart home application will enable you to control all of your connected devices with the support of Amazon Alexa using Echo devices.

Welcome to BrightLife. Along with the support of BrightLife and Alexa you can perform several tasks smartly including:<br/>&bull; Connect devices<br/>&bull; Group creation <br/>&bull; Control lights &amp; Switches<br/><br/>How to Control Your Devices with Brightlife?<br/><br/>BrightLife is a smart control over all of the devices and switches available at your home. Following procedure is required for efficient action management. <br/><br/>&bull; Ensure the availability of good WIFI connection<br/>&bull; Open Amazon Alexa by providing your credentials <br/>&bull; Click to the skills (available at side menu)<br/>&bull; Enable the BrightLife Application by linking your account<br/>&bull; Ask Alexa to discover the devices or discover them by using Alexa application.<br/>&bull; Smart management of your lights and switches has started. <br/><br/>Once you&rsquo;ve successfully connected to Alexa, you may easily perform the actions by saying:<br/> <br/> &quot;Alexa, turn on/off device name/group name&quot;<br/><br/>Examples<br/><br/>&bull; Alexa, turn on Kitchen light (Light)<br/>&bull; Alexa, turn off Kitchen light (Light)<br/>&bull; Alexa, turn on Hall room (Group)<br/>&bull; Alexa, turn off Hall room (Group)<br/><br/>You may add different devices and create groups (set of different devices) within the setting &gt; management section. Please note that if new device added or change name of device on BrightLife application you need to discover devices again.<br/><br/>If you meet any tricky-behave or difficulty, as well as seeking to have additional information feel free to contact us anytime.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on the Kitchen light
Alexa, turn off the Kitchen light
Alexa, turn on Hall room

Release Date

October 25th 2017