Or say "Alexa, enable BrandZRozie"

BrandZ Rosie

Featured in this year&rsquo;s BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2017 webcast, RoZie is here to answer all your questions about brands, brand value, client leaders and brand growth. You can ask questions about the most valuable global brands from the BrandZ Top 100 2017 and RoZie will be able to answer it for you in an instant by the use of Artificial Intelligence.<br/><br/>The complete list of BrandZ Top 100 brands are available from http://www.brandz.com/, together with more information about BrandZ RoZie. <br/><br/>For example, the brands that can can be discussed using RoZie include: Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook etc.<br/><br/>RoZie is designed to be a conversation about brands and starts with an Introduction.<br/><br/>To start the conversation say: &quot;Alexa, launch BrandZ RoZie&quot;<br/><br/>Alexa: Hello, I am BrandZ RoZie, thanks for your interest; can I ask your<br/>name? (which is optional and only stored temporarily within the conversation).<br/><br/>User: &quot;David&quot; or &quot;My name is David&quot;. (Alexa assumes the last word of the<br/>phrase is your name. If you say No, Alexa will apologise for asking and continue)<br/><br/>Alexa: Nice to meet you, David. Would you like to talk about this year&rsquo;s<br/>Global BrandZ Top 100 brands?<br/><br/>User: &quot;Yes&quot; (If &quot;No&quot;, Alexa will politely exit).<br/><br/>Alexa: That&rsquo;s great, where would like to start, maybe look at a particular<br/>brand?<br/><br/>User: &quot;Amazon&quot;, or, &quot;Let&rsquo;s look at Amazon&quot;.<br/><br/>Alexa: Great choice, would you like to see further information about how<br/>Amazon performed in this year&rsquo;s Brandz Top 100?<br/><br/>User: &quot;Yes&quot; (If &quot;No&quot;, Alexa will prompt for a brand to start the conversation with).<br/><br/>Alexa: Speaks the Brand Summary.<br/><br/>Alexa: Can I help you with anything else? <br/><br/>At this point Alexa will accept &quot;Yes&quot;, &quot;No&quot; or you can ask a Direct Question.<br/><br/>===============<br/><br/>Examples of Direct Questions:<br/><br/>If at any point in the conversation you get stuck or confused, simply say &quot;Start again&quot; or &quot;Start over&quot;<br/><br/>General Brand questions:<br/>1. Who is the number 1 brand?<br/>2. What is the position of (insert brand name)?<br/>3. What is the brand contribution of (insert brand name)?<br/>4. What is the valuation of (insert brand name)?<br/><br/>To switch to a different brand:<br/>1. Say &quot;Lets talk about (insert brand name)&quot;<br/>2. Say the brand name you want to talk about, eg. &quot;Amazon&quot;<br/><br/>Newcomers:<br/>1. How many newcomers are there is this year&rsquo;s top 100?<br/>2. Who are this year&rsquo;s newcomers?<br/>3. Who is the highest newcomer?<br/><br/>Other:<br/>1. Who are you?<br/><br/>When you are finished, say &quot;Goodbye&quot;

Invocation Name

brandz rozie

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch BrandZ Rozie.
Alexa, ask BrandZ Rozie for the number 1 brand.
Alexa, ask BrandZ Rozie for this years newcomers.

Release Date

August 16th 2017