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Brain of Things Control


Smart Home

Or say "Alexa, enable Brain of Things Control"

Control your Brain of Things enabled home.

The Brain of Things Alexa sill allows owners of Brain of Things enabled homes to control everything about their home. The lights, curtains, temperature, music, etc. To get started you will need Brain of Things hardware installed in your home, as well as an account with our company, which can be easily set up via email or over the phone in less than a minute. Once you're ready, start out by saying "Alexa, tell brain of things to start party mode" and see what happens! For more help, consult the BrainofT brochure in your apartment, or ask for some help by saying "Alexa, ask brain of things for help".

Invocation Name

brain of things

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell brain of things to open the curtains
Alexa, tell brain of things to turn off the bedroom lights
Alexa, tell brain of things to set party mode

Release Date

March 22nd 2016