Bouncer's Assistant - Alexa Skill

Bouncer's Assistant

Sneaker Witch Studios

Or say "Alexa, enable Bouncer's Assistant"

A demo skill to showcase potential usage of Alexa as a nominal roll or guest list.

This is only a demo example of what the skill can do. Currently it checks a pre-set list of names, and responds accordingly if the person is cleared for entry to a specific event. This can be used by bouncers or security details, where the names are not to be disclosed to them, but still need to be verified.<br/><br/>In future updates, potentially expanded to include connections to databases, and further verification details such as full name and SSN/ID. Other potential features for the future include adding to list, verification of user, and updating or choosing specified list from server.

Invocation Name

bouncer's assistant

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Bouncer's assistant to check smith.
Alexa, open Bouncer's assistant and check taylor.
Please check daniels

Release Date

July 15th 2017