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Bottles and Bubbles

Moet Hennessy USA

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Bottles & Bubbles is here to help you understand and get the most of champagne.

Life&rsquo;s too short to save Champagne for special occasions.<br/><br/>From National Pizza Day to more personal moments, we can always give you a reason to celebrate &ndash; all you have to do is ask.<br/><br/>If you&rsquo;re entertaining guests, our Champagne experts&rsquo; savvy hosting tips will take your parties to the next level.<br/><br/>Dreaming of sipping bubbly somewhere exotic? Specially selected ambient soundscapes will transport you around the globe. And with loads of inspired food pairing suggestions to explore through the voice skill, a world of discovery is just a few words away! Make every moment a Champagne moment with Bottles &amp; Bubbles. Presented by Mo&euml;t Hennessy USA.<br/> <br/>Not intended for persons under the legal drinking age. Always enjoy alcohol responsibly.

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bottles and bubbles

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Alexa, open Bottles and Bubbles
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Release Date

November 24th 2017