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Born A.I.


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Or say "Alexa, enable Born A.I."

Learn everything about artificial intelligence, from artificial intelligence! Alexa and her friends will demystify A.I. and get you well versed in minutes.

Artificial Intelligence can be confusing, and if you're in the tech, media or advertising world, you better know exactly what to say when your boss starts dropping acronyms like AI, ML, NLP, or NLU. This skill distills the jargon and makes it all easier to understand.<br/><br/>Need even more help? Born A.I. (the developers of this skill) are here.<br/><br/>Born A.I. is a creative agency specializing in artificial intelligence. We help brands talk to people using intelligent agents...kind of like this skill does. We're real humans, but if you want to know more without actually talking to us, just ask Alexa what we do, and who we are!

Invocation Name

born a. i.

Interaction Examples

Alexa launch Born A.I.
Alexa ask Born A.I. what artificial intelligence is
Alexa tell Born A.I. to explain machine learning

Release Date

May 18th 2017