Book Worm - Alexa Skill

Book Worm



Or say "Alexa, enable Book Worm"

The Book Worm skill enriches your reading experience by recommending books within your realm of interest.

To use the Book Worm skill, simply enable the skill and say, "Alexa, ask book worm." Then you can either say, "suggest a book," for a random book recommendation. Or, you can say a genre you like such as "suggest a fantasy novel" or "suggest a historical fiction novel" for a more curated experience. You can look at cards on your Alexa app to get a link to the book recommendation. When you're done, simply say "checkout!" At any point, say "help" for instructions on how to use the skill. Happy reading!

Invocation Name

book worm

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask book worm for a book recommendation
suggest a historical fiction novel
recommend a book

Release Date

January 31st 2017