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Bonfire Party - Drinking Game


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Or say "Alexa, enable Bonfire Party - Drinking Game"

Bonfire Party Alexa Skill is the party drinking game for you and your friends. Alexa tells you what you have to do and how much each of you has to drink. Cheers

Welcome to the Bonfire Party Drinking Game! You need 3 players to start Bonfire Party. For example, with the command:"Add Daniel as a player" or "Add Giulia as a player" you can add your co-players. As soon as you are three players, you can start the game with the command "Let's go". Since people often talk loud all over the room at a party, Alexa closes the skill after reading the task. If you want to draw the next card, you have to reconnect the skill with the command "Alexa ask Bonfire Party for the next round" or "Alexa ask Bonfire Party for the next card". All tasks, maps and the number of laps are displayed in the Alexa App. The game will run for 30 rounds, then you can restart it with the command "Reload Bonfire Party", and all players will be retained. If you want to remove someone, you have to say the command "Remove Daniel as a player", for example. If you want to remove all players, use the "Remove all players"command. Have fun and cheers.

Invocation Name

bonfire party

Interaction Examples

Alexa start Bonfire Party and Daniel as player
Alexa ask Bonfire Party for next round
List all players

Release Date

November 3rd 2017