Body Twister - Alexa Skill

Body Twister

Black Bee Ltd

Or say "Alexa, enable Body Twister"

Extremely funny Twister game that uses body parts instead of a mat!

A very amusing game similar to twister, except your body is the mat! Alexa will instruct you where to touch and with what. This game is best with two players, and really really good fun at parties. Be prepared to tell Alexa what you think of the situation too!<br/><br/>Simply use the &quot;PLAY&quot; command: &quot;Alexa PLAY body twister&quot;<br/><br/>Alexa will give the players names and then instruct them on what to do. To move onto the next instruction say &quot;Alexa body twister NEXT&quot;.<br/>If you miss the instruction just say &quot;Alexa body twister REPEAT&quot;.<br/>Want to start again say &quot;Alexa body twister restart&quot;<br/>If you are feeling cheeky you can say &quot;Alexa body twister don't be rude&quot;<br/><br/>Finally to determine a winner say &quot;Alexa body twister STOP&quot;

Invocation Name

body twister

Interaction Examples

Alexa PLAY body twister
body twister next
so rude

Release Date

October 3rd 2017