Boat Orders Helper - Alexa Skill

Boat Orders Helper


Or say "Alexa, enable Boat Orders Helper"

Get quick info on how many items does Hay Day boat order require.

Quickly find out out how many bread your Hay Day&trade; boat order might need by simply asking &quot;Alexa, ask boat order, how many bread?&quot;<br/><br/>Some items are unknown at the time of this skill being created and some items' quantity might have changed, the skill will be updated once new info is posted.<br/><br/>DISCLAIMERS:<br/>* Hay Day&trade; is a trademark of Supercell.<br/>* This skill is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Supercell.<br/>* Information was retrieved from and made into a skill for easier access.<br/>* Used for fuzzy matching.<br/>* Icon image pulled from

Invocation Name

boat orders

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open boat orders
Alexa, ask boat orders, how many bread?
Alexa, ask boat orders, how many tomato?

Release Date

December 6th 2017