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Boardgame Buddy (BGB) provides information on boardgames such as category, length, number of players, rating, etc. It also provides the current games on the 'Hot List'<br /><br />BGB abilities:<br />Look up info different board games<br /><br />&quot;Tell me about Terra Mystica&quot;<br /><br />Provides the current list of hot games.<br /><br />&quot;What are the current hot games?&quot;<br />&quot;Tell me about #3.&quot;, &quot;Tell me about #5.&quot;<br />or &quot;Continue&quot;<br /><br />Seamless conversation between the two functions.<br /><br />If you need to hear the list or description again, just say &quot;Repeat&quot;<br /><br />Not affiliated with 'BoardGameGeek LLC'

Invocation Name

boardgame buddy

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch Boardgame Buddy.
Alexa, ask BoardGame Buddy to list the current hot games.
Tell me about Pandemic?

Release Date

February 25th 2017