Or say "Alexa, enable BoB Quiz"

BoB Quiz - the Books of the Bible Quiz. Use BoB to help memorize books and their ordering using easy to extremely challenging questions.

BoB Quiz - a fun way to learn the Books of the Bible through quizzes ranging from easy to challenging. The user controls the difficulty of the questions and at any time ask for the answer when stumped. Order and names of books are the same as you would find in NAS, NIV, or King James. Please note that when answering questions involving multiple books you will need to say the books individually and give Alexa time to respond after each book name. BoB accepts both Song of Songs and Song of Solomon as well as Psalm, with or without the ending s.

Invocation Name

bob quiz

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask bob quiz to give me an easy quiz
Alexa, ask bob quiz to recite the books of the Bible
Alexa, ask bob quiz for a random question

Release Date

June 13th 2017