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Blitz Chess


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Or say "Alexa, enable Blitz Chess"

Play a game of chess against Alexa.

With the Blitz Chess skill you can play a game of chess against Alexa.<br/><br/>You start a game of chess by saying &quot;Alexa, start Blitz Chess&quot;.<br/><br/>During the game Alexa always asks for your next move.<br/><br/>You can announce your moves in a standard way like:<br/>&quot;Knight to f3&quot;<br/>&quot;Long Castle&quot;<br/>&quot;Rook b takes e1&quot; <br/><br/>For a better comprehension you can use the phonetic alphabet.<br/>Say for example &quot;Queen takes Foxtrot 7&quot; or &quot;King to Bravo 1&quot;.<br/><br/>Additionately you can always say:<br/>&quot;Play stronger.&quot;<br/>&quot;Play weaker.&quot;<br/>&quot;How strong are you?&quot;<br/>&quot;I offer a draw.&quot;<br/>&quot;I resign.&quot;<br/>&quot;Evaluate the position.&quot;<br/>&quot;Let's start a new game.&quot;<br/>&quot;Take back my move.&quot;<br/>&quot;Show me the board.&quot;<br/><br/>For feedback please reach us on Twitter @BlitzChessSkill.

Invocation Name

blitz chess

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start Blitz Chess
Knight to f3
Castle kingside

Release Date

April 19th 2017