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Blackjack Trainer

Mark Brouch

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Blackjack Trainer helps you memorize basic strategy by quizzing you on individual hands.

Blackjack Trainer deals a single hand of the card game &quot;Blackjack&quot;, also known as &quot;21&quot; and asks you what move you as the player should make. It then validates your choice using basic strategy principles and offers correct feedback if wrong.<br /><br />Now featuring: Accuracy statistics for hand types and overall play.<br /><br />Basic strategy is implemented for a game with the following rules:<br />* Dealer hits a soft 17<br />* Surrender is available any time<br />* Player may double on any card<br />* Player may double after a split<br />* Player may not resplit aces<br />* Player may split a maximum of 4 hands<br />* Insurance is not offered

Invocation Name

blackjack trainer

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch Blackjack Trainer
Alexa, ask Blackjack Trainer to deal
Alexa, ask Blackjack Trainer for a hand

Release Date

February 14th 2017