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Blackjack hand basic strategy flashcards.

Basic strategy flashcard skill for blackjack. <br/><br/>Just ask Alexa to play flashcards. If you are a beginning blackjack player, it is a must to memorize the basic strategy table. Note: the table is based on common casino rules.<br/><br/>Blackjack Hand plays blackjack flashcards, one card at a time, and you will need to say 'Yes' to view the next one after each flashcard. Also, although the &quot;front side&quot; of a flashcard is a question, you do not need to answer it. Blackjack Hand is a read-only/read-aloud skill, not a quiz. There are companion skills if you'd like a different style:<br/><br/>(1) Blackjack Flashcards: It reads multiple flashcards at a much more rapid pace.<br/>(2) Blackjack Quiz: You can test your basic strategy knowledge using this skill.<br/>(3) Blackjack Master: If you have a quick question about a particular hand, you can ask Blackjack Master.<br/>(4) Blackjack Tips: It narrates the basic strategy table, one or a few tips at a time.

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blackjack hand

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Alexa, open Blackjack Hand
Alexa, ask Blackjack Hand to play flashcards
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Release Date

July 11th 2017