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Black Twelve

Florian Hollandt

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Black Twelve is exactly like Black Jack, with dice... And you go for 12 instead of 21. Let your trusted dealer Alexa bring the casino experience to your home!

Black Twelve is exactly like Black Jack, but with dice... And you go for 12 instead of 21. Your trusted dealer Alexa will guide you through this exciting game of wits and chance!<br/><br/>Start with a credit of 1000 dollar and increase your with each bet, by staying ahead in this game of risk and chance!<br/><br/>At the beginning of each game, your dealer and assistant Alexa trows two dice for you. You can then decide if you:<br/>- 'Hit' and cast another die<br/>- 'Double' to increase your bet<br/>- 'Stand' and finish your turn<br/><br/>With the sum of your dice, you have to get as close to 12 as possible, without busting. As soon as you 'stand', Alexa will try the same. You win either by having more points than Alexa, or by Alexa busting her own hand. <br/>Or by getting the ultimate combination, the 'Black Twelve'!<br/><br/>Good luck! :)<br/><br/>If you have feedback or requests to me as your humble developer, please feel fee to write me an email: florian[dot]hollandt[at]gmail[dot]com

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black twelve

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Alexa, open Black Twelve

Release Date

December 21st 2017