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Black Magic Game

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Or say "Alexa, enable Black Magic Game"

Based on the popular game "black magic"

Choose a &quot;Magician&quot;. Have this person ask someone who doesn't know the game to pick an object in the room. <br/><br/>Start the game by asking Alexa to, &quot;play Black Magic Game&quot;. <br/><br/>Pick out objects in the room and ask Alexa if they are the object that was chosen. (e.g. Is it the television?, Is it the couch?) <br/><br/>To complete the trick, the magician will ask about an object that starts with the letter 'B' (e.g. How about the book?) -- the next item they ask should be the one that was chosen in the beginning.

Invocation Name

black magic game

Interaction Examples

Alexa play Black Magic Game
Is it the dog?
How about the fan?

Release Date

May 9th 2017