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Listen to cutting-edge CEOs disrupting traditional business practices

BizTalk leaders is a continuous feed of in-depth interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs and startup leaders shaking up traditional industries.<br/>Get inspired and informed listening to real life experiences from industry experts as they describe trailblazing and disrupting new paths to successful commercial enterprises.<br/>Learn about the latest products, technological innovations and secrets to success from enterprising pioneers! <br/>To get started, enable the BizTalk Leaders skill and say, Alexa, Open BizTalk Leaders.' <br/>Navigate with instructions such as 'Alexa, Next' - 'Alexa, Previous' - 'Alexa, Pause' - 'Alexa, Resume.'

Invocation Name

biztalk leaders

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Alexa, ask biztalk leaders to start playing
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Release Date

March 23rd 2017