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Bitter Becky


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Or say "Alexa, enable Bitter Becky"

Interact with Bitter Becky. She's typically hostile, passive aggressive, and sarcastic.

Kill some time with friends by interacting with Bitter Becky. Some of her responses are random while others are more direct. <br/><br/>Bitter Becky is built with a growing 200+ phrases to roast someone, rap, express her thoughts, and give you a tough time. Sometimes she'll even reveal some of her existential crises. And if she says something funny, ask her to repeat herself to hear it again. Her mood is usually somewhere between hostile, passive aggressive, and sarcastic.<br/><br/><br/>*No profanity. And minimal, if any, offensive content.<br/>*Constructive feedback is appreciated.<br/>*Visit &quot;; to share your experiences and make suggestions about the content and features. Or ask for Easter Egg Phrases. These are usually things you can say pertaining to contemporary media, to which Becky will give a unique response.

Invocation Name

bitter becky

Interaction Examples

Alexa, talk to Bitter Becky
Alexa, ask Bitter Becky to roast my friend 'Felicia'
Alexa, tell Bitter Becky to chill

Release Date

August 23rd 2017