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Birthday Song

Vincent Bilotta


Or say "Alexa, enable Birthday Song"

Tired of hearing Happy Birthday sung A capella? No worries, Birthday Song plays an accompanying tune that you can sing along to!

We've all been there before, everyone gathers around the table to sing happy birthday and it usually sounds pretty bad. Some people can't carry a tune, others are just mouthing the words, but in most cases there is no accompanying music.<br/><br/>Birthday Song plays a piano version of the Happy Birthday song for you! Now everyone can sing along and sound just a little better when singing Happy Birthday.<br/><br/><br/><br/>The &quot;Happy Birthday Instrumental&quot; song was provided by artist, Alexander.<br/><br/>Skill Icon designed by Vectors Market from Flaticon.

Invocation Name

birthday song

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Birthday Song and play Happy Birthday
Alexa, ask Birthday Song to play
Alexa, ask Birthday Song to play Happy Birthday

Release Date

May 24th 2017